All about Mr.Robinson

All about Mr. Robinson

Mr. Robinson is a new fourth grade teacher.  He grew up in Oak Park, he to oakdale because he felt comfortable and like what he saw and heard from the people who interviewed him that work here.  He likes teaching because he likes making a difference in the lives of children. His favorie subjects are reading and language art


bicentennial research trip


On Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018, Mrs.Anderson and Mrs.Kent took a group of third graders to the University of Alabama. They went to Gorgas Library and Hoole Special Collection Library as a part of the Bicentennial proiect.

While at Gorgas Library, they were able to look at the Tuscaloosa News from the 1940’s microfiche,which is a flat piece of film that contains microphotographs of the pages of a newspaper . The researchers saw several ads from that time. For example, you could buy a dozen donuts at the A&P store on Greensboro Ave. for 19 cents!

Next, the third graders went to the Hoole Special Collection Library. The items there were very old and not everyone could touch them. They looked at a big book of original newspapers from the 1940’s called The Citizen, which was written and published by African Americans in Tuscaloosa and other cities in West Alabama.

The trip was fun for the students and they cannot wait to learn more in the future.

my first post

Tuscaloosa City Schools has a app for Tuscaloosa schools around the world that is Class Dojo which can help you commciate with some of the parents,teachers,bus divders,P.E teachers and more. They can give feedback on behavior and helping and we have colors for good behavior the color is green and for bad behavior’s is the color red.Did you also know that there is a new update for Class Dojo. Also you can ear  about 10 or 20 ponits a day.




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